Keytabs and SPNs overview

A Key Distribution Center (KDC) is an authentication server that stores accounts and keytabs for users connecting to a network service within a cluster. A keytab is a key table that stores keys to validate and encrypt Kerberos tickets.

One of the fields in a keytab entry is a service principal name (SPN). An SPN identifies a unique service instance within a cluster. Each SPN is associated with a specific key in the KDC. Users can use the SPN and its associated keys to obtain Kerberos tickets that enable access to various services on the cluster. A member of the SecurityAdmin role can create new keys for the SPNs and modify them later as necessary. An SPN for a service typically appears as <service>/<fqdn>@<realm>.

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SPNs must match the SmartConnect zone name and the FQDN hostname of the cluster. If the SmartConnect zone settings are changed, you must update the SPNs on the cluster to match the changes.