Job performance impact

The Job Engine service monitors system performance to ensure that maintenance jobs do not significantly interfere with regular cluster I/O activity and other system administration tasks. Job Engine uses impact policies that you can manage to control when a job can run and the system resources that it consumes.

Job Engine has four default impact policies that you can use but not modify. The default impact policies are:

Impact policy

Allowed to run

Resource consumption


Any time of day.



Any time of day.



Any time of day.



Outside of business hours. Business hours are defined as 9AM to 5pm, Monday through Friday. OFF_HOURS is paused during business hours.


If you want to specify other than a default impact policy for a job, you can create a custom policy with new settings.

Jobs with a low impact policy have the least impact on available CPU and disk I/O resources. Jobs with a high impact policy have a significantly higher impact. In all cases, however, the Job Engine uses CPU and disk throttling algorithms to ensure that tasks that you initiate manually, and other I/O tasks not related to the Job Engine, receive a higher priority.