Upgrading IsilonSD Edge

Upgrading IsilonSD Edge involves upgrading to a later version of the OneFS operating system on an IsilonSD cluster or upgrading IsilonSD Management Server.

With a purchased license, you can upgrade the OneFS version on an IsilonSD cluster at any point by downloading the desired version of the OneFS build image from the Online Support site and reinstalling it. With a free license, you can download the EMC_IsilonSD_Edge.zip file, and then extract and reinstall the latest OneFS build image on the IsilonSD cluster. The upgrade process follows the same workflow as that of upgrading the physical OneFS clusters. For detailed information, see the OneFS Upgrade Planning and Process Guide.

You can upgrade to a later version of IsilonSD Management Server through the RPM package manager utility. For instructions, see the IsilonSD Edge With IsilonSD Management Server Installation and Administration Guide.