IsilonSD Edge storage and architecture

IsilonSD Edge creates OneFS virtual clusters through the resources available on VMware ESXi hosts. The OneFS clusters are deployed as virtual machines (VMs) and drives are hosted on data disks. The nodes that you add to an IsilonSD cluster are the OneFS virtual machines.

IsilonSD Edge components include IsilonSD Management Server, IsilonSD Management Plug-in, and the OneFS virtual machine files. The management plug-in is bundled with the management server and automatically installs when the management server is deployed on an ESXi host and a VMware vCenter server is registered.

You can deploy IsilonSD clusters using the free, Edge, or the Edge-Flex license. The free license is bundled with the installation package.

The management server can deploy nodes on single or multiple hosts using single or multiple datastores. Multiple datastores on multiple hosts is the configuration that provides the highest availability.

IsilonSD Edge networking considerations

The OneFS data-path requires a minimum of two NICs to provide connectivity for back-end and front-end networks respectively. In an IsilonSD Edge deployment, a node has virtual NICs allocated to it that are plumbed into virtual switches. We recommend that you connect the back-end and front-end Ethernet networks to two different subnets. The front-end Ethernet subnet is for client and management access and must be always accessible. A management or service IP address must be allocated to the cluster in the same subnet as the front-end IP range. The management server interacts with the cluster through this IP address. We recommend that you create a cluster with the maximum possible range of IP addresses considering future requirements. A supportability consideration for nodes is that their serial port device must be accessible over the network. This is accomplished through a virtual serial port concentrator (vSPC) that runs on the management server. The ESXi host of a node must be able to establish a TCP connection to port number 8080 on the management server. Make sure that there is a proper route and there is no firewall set up between the hosts and vCenter.

IsilonSD Edge storage considerations

IsilonSD nodes access storage through the following mechanisms:

Note Image

NFS and Raw Disk Mapping (RDM) are not supported with IsilonSD Edge.

Drives are mapped to the VMware ESXi hosts in the following ways:

The architecture of a three-node cluster is shown in the following figure: