IP address pools

IP address pools are assigned to a subnet and consist of one or more IP address ranges. You can partition nodes and network interfaces into logical IP address pools. IP address pools are also utilized when configuring SmartConnect DNS zones and client connection management.

Each IP address pool belongs to a single subnet. Multiple pools for a single subnet are available only if you activate a SmartConnect Advanced license.

The IP address ranges assigned to a pool must be unique and belong to the IP address family (IPv4 or IPv6) specified by the subnet that contains the pool.

You can add network interfaces to IP address pools to associate address ranges with a node or a group of nodes. For example, based on the network traffic that you expect, you might decide to establish one IP address pool for storage nodes and another for accelerator nodes.

SmartConnect settings that manage DNS query responses and client connections are configured at the IP address pool level.

Note Image

IsilonSD Edge does not support IPv6 addresses for connecting to IsilonSD clusters.