IP address allocation

The IP address allocation policy specifies how IP addresses in the pool are assigned to an available network interface.

You can specify whether to use static or dynamic allocation.

Assigns one IP address to each network interface added to the IP address pool, but does not guarantee that all IP addresses are assigned.
Once assigned, the network interface keeps the IP address indefinitely, even if the network interface becomes unavailable. To release the IP address, remove the network interface from the pool or remove it from the node.
Without a license for SmartConnect Advanced, static is the only method available for IP address allocation.
Assigns IP addresses to each network interface added to the IP address pool until all IP addresses are assigned. This guarantees a response when clients connect to any IP address in the pool.
If a network interface becomes unavailable, its IP addresses are automatically moved to other available network interfaces in the pool as determined by the IP address failover policy.
This method is only available with a license for SmartConnect Advanced.