File System Explorer overview

The File System Explorer is a web-based interface that enables you to manage the content stored on your cluster. You can use the File System Explorer to navigate the Isilon file system (/ifs), add directories, and manage file and directory properties including data protection, I/O optimization, and UNIX permissions.

Isilon file system directory permissions are initially set to allow full access for all users. Any user can delete any file, regardless of the permissions on the individual file. Depending on your environment, you should establish appropriate permission restrictions through the File System Explorer.

File System Explorer supports access zones. By default, the root user and sysadmin have access to the top-level access zone, System (/ifs). Other users can be restricted to specific access zones—for example, /ifs/home.

You can view and configure file and directory properties from within Windows clients that are connected to the cluster. However, because Windows and UNIX permissions differ from one another, you must be careful not to make any unwanted changes that affect file and directory access.