File sharing overview

Multi-protocol support in OneFS enables files and directories on the Isilon cluster to be accessed through SMB for Windows file sharing, NFS for UNIX file sharing, secure shell (SSH), FTP, and HTTP. By default, only the SMB and NFS protocols are enabled.

OneFS creates the /ifs directory, which is the root directory for all file system data on the cluster. The /ifs directory is configured as an SMB share and an NFS export by default. You can create additional shares and exports within the /ifs directory tree.

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We recommend that you do not save data to the root /ifs file path but in directories below /ifs. The design of your data storage structure should be planned carefully. A well-designed directory structure optimizes cluster performance and administration.

You can set Windows- and UNIX-based permissions on OneFS files and directories. Users who have the required permissions and administrative privileges can create, modify, and read data on the cluster through one or more of the supported file sharing protocols.