File provider

A file provider enables you to supply an authoritative third-party source of user and group information to an Isilon cluster. A third-party source is useful in UNIX and Linux environments that synchronize /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and etc/netgroup files across multiple servers.

Standard BSD /etc/spwd.db and /etc/group database files serve as the file provider backing store on a cluster. You generate the spwd.db file by running the pwd_mkdb command in the OneFS command-line interface (CLI). You can script updates to the database files.

On an Isilon cluster, a file provider hashes passwords with libcrypt. For the best security, we recommend that you use the Modular Crypt Format in the source /etc/passwd file to determine the hashing algorithm. OneFS supports the following algorithms for the Modular Crypt Format:

For information about other available password formats, run the man 3 crypt command in the CLI to view the crypt man pages.

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The built-in System file provider includes services to list, manage, and authenticate against system accounts such as root, admin, and nobody. We recommended that you do not modify the System file provider.