Events and alerts

OneFS continuously monitors the health and performance of your cluster and generates events when situations occur that might require your attention.

Events can be related to file system integrity, network connections, jobs, hardware, and other vital operations and components of your cluster. After events are captured, they are analyzed by OneFS. Events with similar root causes are organized into event groups.

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For descriptions of individual event types by event type ID, see the OneFS Event Reference. Certain events such as hardware events do not apply to IsilonSD Edge.

An event group is a single point of management for numerous events related to a particular situation. You can determine which event groups you want to monitor, ignore, or resolve.

An alert is the message that reports on a change that has occurred in an event group.

You can control how alerts related to an event group are distributed. Alerts are distributed through channels. You can create and configure a channel to send alerts to a specific audience, control the content the channel distributes, and limit frequency of the alerts.