Default user mappings

Default user mappings determine access if explicit user-mapping rules are not created.

If you do not configure rules, a user who authenticates with one directory service receives the identity information in other directory services when the account names are the same. For example, a user who authenticates with an Active Directory domain as Desktop\jane automatically receives identities in the final access token for the corresponding UNIX user account for jane from LDAP or NIS.

In the most common scenario, OneFS is connected to two directory services, Active Directory and LDAP. In such a case, the default mapping provides a user with the following identity attributes:

The user's groups come from Active Directory and LDAP, with the LDAP groups and the autogenerated group GID added to the list. To pull groups from LDAP, the mapping service queries the memberUid attribute. The user’s home directory, gecos, and shell come from Active Directory.