Data failback

Failback is the process of restoring primary and secondary clusters to the roles that they occupied before a failover operation. After failback is complete, the primary cluster holds the latest data set and resumes normal operations, including hosting clients and replicating data to the secondary cluster through SyncIQ replication policies in place.

The first step in the failback process is updating the primary cluster with all of the modifications that were made to the data on the secondary cluster. The next step is preparing the primary cluster to be accessed by clients. The final step is resuming data replication from the primary to the secondary cluster. At the end of the failback process, you can redirect users to resume data access on the primary cluster.

To update the primary cluster with the modifications that were made on the secondary cluster, SyncIQ must create a SyncIQ domain for the source directory.

You can fail back data with any replication policy that meets all of the following criteria: