Compliance mode

SmartLock compliance mode enables you to protect your data in compliance with the regulations defined by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rule 17a-4. This regulation, aimed at securities brokers and dealers, specifies that records of all securities transactions must be archived in a non-rewritable, non-erasable manner.

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You can configure an Isilon cluster for SmartLock compliance mode only during the initial cluster configuration process, prior to activating a SmartLock license. A cluster cannot be converted to SmartLock compliance mode after the cluster is initially configured and put into production.

If you configure a cluster for SmartLock compliance mode, the root user is disabled, and you are not able to log in to that cluster through the root user account. Instead, you can log in to the cluster through the compliance administrator account that is configured during initial SmartLock compliance mode configuration.

When you are logged in to a SmartLock compliance mode cluster through the compliance administrator account, you can perform administrative tasks through the sudo command.