Cluster identity

You can specify identity attributes for an Isilon cluster.

Cluster name
The cluster name appears on the login page, and it makes the cluster and its nodes. more easily recognizable on your network. Each node in the cluster is identified by the cluster name plus the node number. For example, the first node in a cluster named Images may be named Images-1.
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In the case of IsilonSD Edge, you can assign a cluster name only through the IsilonSD Management Plug-in. For more information, see the IsilonSD Edge Installation and Administration Guide.

Cluster description
The cluster description appears below the cluster name on the login page. The cluster description is useful if your environment has multiple clusters.
Login message
The login message appears as a separate box on the login page of the OneFS web administration interface, or as a line of text under the cluster name in the OneFS command-line interface. The login message can convey cluster information, login instructions, or warnings that a user should know before logging into the cluster. Set this information in the Cluster Identity page of the OneFS web administration interface