Antivirus overview

You can scan the files you store on an Isilon cluster for computer viruses, malware, and other security threats by integrating with third-party scanning services through the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP).

OneFS sends files through ICAP to a server running third-party antivirus scanning software. These servers are referred to as ICAP servers. ICAP servers scan files for viruses.

After an ICAP server scans a file, it informs OneFS of whether the file is a threat. If a threat is detected, OneFS informs system administrators by creating an event, displaying near real-time summary information, and documenting the threat in an antivirus scan report. You can configure OneFS to request that ICAP servers attempt to repair infected files. You can also configure OneFS to protect users against potentially dangerous files by truncating or quarantining infected files.

Before OneFS sends a file to be scanned, it ensures that the scan is not redundant. If a file has already been scanned and has not been modified, OneFS will not send the file to be scanned unless the virus database on the ICAP server has been updated since the last scan.

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Antivirus scanning is available only if all nodes in the cluster are connected to the external network.