Interactions between ACLs and mode bits

Home directory setup is determined by several factors, including how users authenticate and the options that specify home directory creation.

A user's home directory may be set up with either ACLs or POSIX mode bits, which are converted into a synthetic ACL. The directory of a local user is created when the local user is created, and the directory is set up with POSIX mode bits by default. Directories can be dynamically provisioned at log in for users who authenticate against external sources, and in some cases for users who authenticate against the File provider. In this situation, the user home directory is created according to how the user first logs in.

For example, if an LDAP user first logs in through SSH or FTP and the user home directory is created, it is created with POSIX mode bits. If that same user first connects through an SMB home directory share, the home directory is created as specified by the SMB option settings. If the --inherited-path-acl option is enabled, ACLs are generated. Otherwise, POSIX mode bits are used.