Access zones on a SyncIQ secondary cluster

You can create access zones on a SyncIQ secondary cluster used for backup and disaster recovery, with some limitations.

If you have an active SyncIQ license, you can maintain a secondary Isilon cluster for backup and failover purposes in case your primary server should go offline. When you run a replication job on the primary server, file data is replicated to the backup server, including directory paths and other metadata associated with those files.

However, system configuration settings, such as access zones, are not replicated to the secondary server. In a failover scenario, you probably want the primary and secondary clusters' configuration settings to be similar, if not identical.

In most cases, including with access zones, we recommend that you configure system settings prior to running a SyncIQ replication job. The reason is that a replication job places target directories in read-only mode. If you attempt to create an access zone where the base directory is already in read-only mode, OneFS prevents this and generates an error message.