About the internal network

A cluster must connect to at least one high-speed, low-latency InfiniBand switch for internal communications and data transfer. The connection to the InfiniBand switch is also referred to as an internal network. The internal network is separate from the external network (Ethernet) by which users access the cluster.

Upon initial configuration of your cluster, OneFS creates an initial internal network for the InfiniBand switch. The interface to the default internal network is int-a. An internal network for a second InfiniBand switch can be added for redundancy and failover. Failover allows continuous connectivity during path failures. The interface to the secondary internal network is int-b, which is referred to as int-b/failover in the web administration interface.

Caution Image
Only Isilon nodes should be connected to your InfiniBand switch. Information exchanged on the back-end network is not encrypted. Connecting anything other than Isilon nodes to the InfiniBand switch creates a security risk.