About the external network

You connect a client computer to the cluster through the external network. External network configuration is composed of groupnets, subnets, IP address pools, and features node provisioning rules.

Groupnets are the configuration level for managing multiple tenants on your external network. DNS client settings, such as nameservers and a DNS search list, are properties of the groupnet. Groupnets reside at the top tier of the networking hierarchy. You can create one or more subnets within a groupnet.

Subnets simplify external (front-end) network management and provide flexibility in implementing and maintaining the cluster network. You can create IP address pools within subnets to partition your network interfaces according to workflow or node type.

The IP address pool of a subnet consists of one or more IP address ranges. IP address pools can be associated with network interfaces on cluster nodes. Client connection settings are configured at the IP address pool level.

An initial external network subnet is created during the setup of your cluster with the following configuration: