Managing SNMP settings

SNMP can be used to monitor cluster hardware and system information. Settings can be configured through either the web administration interface or the command-line interface.

You can enable SNMP monitoring on individual nodes in the cluster, and you can monitor information cluster-wide from any node when you enable SNMP on each node. When using SNMP on an Isilon cluster, you should use a fixed general username. A password for the general user can be configured in the web administration interface.

You should configure a network monitoring system (NMS) to query each node directly through a static IPv4 or IPv6 address. This approach allows you to confirm that all nodes have external IP addresses and therefore respond to SNMP queries. Because the SNMP proxy is enabled by default, the SNMP implementation on each node is configured automatically to proxy for all other nodes in the cluster except itself. This proxy configuration allows the Isilon Management Information Base (MIB) and standard MIBs to be exposed seamlessly through the use of context strings for supported SNMP versions. After you download and save the appropriate MIBs, you can configure SNMP monitoring through either the web administration interface or though the command-line interface.

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