Object version limitation settings

Objects with many versions can cause DU when the objects are accessed by foreground or background operations. With object version limitation settings, it is possible to prevent DU.

When object version limitation settings are enabled, a PUT to an object with more than 50000 versions in a bucket with versioning enabled returns 403 Forbidden. All other operations continue to work as normal while PUT requests remain forbidden.

NOTE: The limit is enforced (PUT request rejected with 403) only on new installations. Whereas during upgrade, only alerts are sent.
Table 1. Object version limitation settings
Parameter Description
enabled Enable or disable maximum object version count enforcement.
create_forbidden_threshold Maximum number of versions for an object.
alert.level_one.enabled Enable or disable version count alert.
alert.level_one.threshold Alert user at percent of limit.
alert.level_two.enabled Enable or disable version count alert.
alert.level_two.threshold Alert user at percent of limit.

Default values

  • Threshold is 50000 versions of an object.
  • Alerts are enabled by default.
  • Threshold is disabled during upgrade.
  • Threshold is enabled during new install.
  • Default values can be modified.