External Key Manager Configuration

This section provides you information about External Key Management properties.

System Administrators can add a cluster, view VDC EKM mapping information, and rotate keys on the Settings > Key Management page in the ECS Portal.

Table 1. Key Management properties
Field Description
Cluster Name Name of the cluster
Cluster Type Vendor Type
Server Count Total number of servers that have been created for the cluster
Status Indicates the status of the cluster. When first created, it is in the 'UNACTIVATED' status. When activation is performed, the status changes to match the step in the activation process.
FQDN/IP FQDN or IP address of the EKM Server
Server Host Server host is provided in the certificate that is used to identify the client associated with the identity store.
Port Port number that is associated with the KMIP server. The port number is used for communicating between ECS and the external key server. Default is 5696.
Import Server Certificate Import Server Certificate is associated with the key server that is presented to ECS for validation.
Import Revocation Certificate Compromised certificate that is not accepted (can be an empty file).
Import Identity Store Client certificate, signed by server and encrypted into .p12 file.
Identity Store Password Identity store certificate password.
Username User name must match that is defined on the Gemalto key server. Optional field for Gemalto.
Password Password for the client that is defined on the Gemalto key server. Optional field for Gemalto.
Device Serial Number Provide the device serial number. Optional field for SKLM.
Device ID Provide the device ID. Optional field for SKLM.