Working with replication groups in the ECS Portal

You can use replication groups to define where storage pool content is protected. Replication groups can be local or global. Local replication groups do not replicate data to other VDCs, but protect objects within the same VDC against disk or node failures using mirroring and erasure coding techniques. Global replication groups protect objects by replicating them to another site within an ECS federation and, by doing so, protect against site failures.

You can use the Replication Group Management page to view replication group details, to create replication groups, and to edit existing replication groups. You cannot delete replication groups in this release.

You can use the Replication Group Management page to:

You cannot delete replication groups in this release.

NOTE: Do not create more than eight replication groups in a cluster. If there is a requirement to have more than eight replication groups in a cluster, contact ECS Remote Support.
Table 1. Replication Group properties
Field Description
Name The name of the replication group.
Type The replication type can be Active or Passive. Passive means that a site is designated as the target for replication data and is only available when there is a minimum of three sites. Passive cannot be selected if Replicate to All Sites is On. If you have a Hosted site, it will automatically be selected as the target for replication in a Passive configuration.
VDC The number of VDCs in the replication group and the names of the VDCs where the storage pools are located.
Storage Pool The names of the storage pools and their associated VDCs. A replication group can contain a storage pool from each VDC in a federation.
Target The storage pool in the replication group that is the replication target in a Passive configuration.
Status The state of the replication group.
  • Online
  • Temp Unavailable: Replication traffic to this VDC has failed. If all replication traffic to the same VDC is in the Temp Unavailable state, further investigation about the cause of the failure is recommended.
Actions The actions that can be completed for the replication group. Edit: Modify the replication group name and the set of VDCs and storage pools in the replication group.

This topic provides conceptual information about storage pools, VDCs, and replication groups: