Best practices for mounting ECS NFS exports

The following best practices apply when you mount ECS NFS exports.

Use async

Whenever possible, use the async mount option. This option dramatically reduces latency, improves throughput, and reduces the number of connections from the client.

Set wsize and rsize to reduce round trips from the client

Where you expect to read and/or write large files, ensure that the read or write size of files is set appropriately using the rsize and wsize mount options. Usually, you set the wsize and rsize options to the highest possible value to reduce the number of round trips from the client. This is typically 512 KB (524288 B).

For example, to write a 10 MB file, if the wsize option is set to 524288 (512 KB), the client makes 20 separate calls. If the write size is set as 32 KB this results in 16 times as many calls.

When using the mount command, you can supply the read and write size using the options (-o) switch. For example:
# mount /home -o "vers=3,nolock,rsize=524288,wsize=524288"