Set custom group bucket ACLs

You can set a group ACL for a bucket in the ECS Portal and you can set bucket ACLs for a group of users (Custom Group ACL), for individual users, or a combination of both. For example, you can grant full bucket access to a group of users, but you can also restrict (or even deny) bucket access to individual users in that group.


  • This operation requires the System Administrator or Namespace Administrator role in ECS.
  • A System Administrator can edit the group ACL settings for a bucket in any namespace.
  • A Namespace Administrator can edit the group ACL settings for a bucket in the namespace in which they are the administrator.

About this task

Custom group ACLs enable groups to be defined and for permissions to be assigned to the group. The main use case for assigning groups to a bucket is to support access to the bucket as a file system. For example, when making the bucket available for NFS or HDFS.

Members of the UNIX group can access the bucket when it is accessed as a file system (using NFS or HDFS).


  1. In the ECS Portal, select Manage > Buckets.
  2. On the Bucket Management page, locate the bucket that you want to edit in the table and select the Edit ACL action.
  3. Click the Custom Group User ACLs tab to set the ACL for a custom group.
  4. Click Add.
    The Edit Custom Group page displays.
  5. On the Edit Custom Group page, in the Custom Group Name field, type the name for the group.
    This name can be a Unix/Linux group, or an Active Directory group.
  6. Select the permissions for the group.
    At a minimum you should assign Read, Write, Execute, and Read ACL.
  7. Click Save.