Upgrade limitations

When ECS is upgraded from ECS 3.3.x.x to ECS 3.5.x.x, certain ECS UI options are not available in ECS 3.5.x.x UI, and have no history during preupgrade in Advanced Monitoring. Run cf_client commands to reenable either dashboard APIs and the legacy ECS UI.

ECS 3.3.x.x to ECS 3.5.x.x

The following dashboards will not have preupgrade history by default after the upgrade.

NOTE: No history reason: info was not collected onto internal TSDB in ECS 3.3.x.x
  • Recovery Status
  • Node Rebalancing
  • Disk Bandwidth Overview/Node level
  • Bandwidth graphs in Data Access Performance
  1. sudo docker exec -it object-main /opt/storageos/tools/cf_client --user emcservice --password #### --set --name com.emc.ecs.monitoring.dashboard_api_hide_deprecated_metrics --value false --reason "for test"
  2. sudo docker exec -it object-main /opt/storageos/tools/cf_client --user emcservice --password #### --set --name com.emc.ecs.monitoring.portal_dashboard_use_flux_api --value false --reason "for test"
NOTE: #### represents a password.