Object base URL

ECS supports Amazon S3 compatible applications that use virtual host style and path style addressing schemes. In multitenant configurations, ECS enables the namespace to be provided in the URL.

The base URL is used as part of the object address where virtual host style addressing is used and enables ECS to know which part of the address refers to the bucket and, optionally, namespace.

For example, if you are using an addressing scheme that includes the namespace so that you have addresses of the form mybucket.mynamespace.mydomain.com, you must tell ECS that mydomain.com is the base URL so that ECS identifies mybucket.mynamespace as the bucket and namespace.

By default, the base URL is set to s3.amazonaws.com.

An ECS System Administrator can add a base URL by using the ECS Portal or by using the ECS Management REST API.

The following topics describe the addressing schemes that are supported by ECS, how ECS processes API requests from S3 applications, how the addressing scheme affects DNS resolution, and how to add a base URL in the ECS Portal.