TSO considerations

You can perform many object operations during a TSO. You cannot perform create, delete, or update operations on the following entities at any site in the geo-federation until the temporary failure is resolved, regardless of the ADO bucket setting:

  • Namespaces
  • Buckets
  • Object users
  • Authentication providers
  • Replication groups (you can remove a VDC from a replication group for a site failover)
  • NFS user and group mappings

The following limitations apply to buckets during a TSO:

  • File systems within file system-enabled (HDFS/NFS) buckets that are owned by the unavailable site are read-only.
  • When you copy an object from a bucket owned by the unavailable site, the copy is a full copy of the source object. This means that the same object's data is stored more than once. Under normal non-TSO circumstances, the object copy consists of the data indices of the object, not a full duplicate of the object's data.