User scope

The user scope setting affects all object users, in all namespaces across all federated VDCs.

The user scope can be GLOBAL or NAMESPACE. If the scope is set to GLOBAL, object usernames are unique across all VDCs in the ECS system. If the scope is set to NAMESPACE, object usernames are unique within a namespace, so the same object username can exist in different namespaces.

NOTE: CAS API and SWIFT API are supported only for GLOBAL user scope. CAS API and SWIFT API are not supported with NAMESPACE user scope.

The default setting is GLOBAL. If you intend to use ECS in a multitenant configuration and you want to ensure that namespaces can use names that are in use in another namespace, you must change this setting to NAMESPACE.

NOTE: Set the user scope before you create the first object user. Setting up user scope is a strict one time configuration. Once configured for an ECS system, user scope cannot be changed. If you want to change the user scope, ECS must be reinstalled and all the users, buckets, namespaces, and data must be cleaned up.
  • See Object users for more information about object users.
  • For more information about object user tasks, see the ECS Data Access Guide.