NFS file system access during a TSO

NFS provides a single namespace across all ECS nodes and can continue to operate in the event of a TSO. When you mount an NFS export, you can specify any of the ECS nodes as the NFS server or you can specify the address of a load balancer. Whichever node you point at, the ECS system can resolve the file system path.

In the event of a TSO, if your load balancer can redirect traffic to a different site, your NFS export remains available. Otherwise, you must remount the export from another, nonfailed site.

When the owner site fails, and ECS is required to reconfigure to point at a nonowner site, data can be lost due to NFS asynchronous writes and also due to unfinished ECS data replication operations.

For more information about how to access NFS-enabled buckets, see Introduction to file access.