Bucket, object, and namespace naming conventions

Bucket and object (also referred to as key) names must conform to the specification presented here.

Bucket and object (also referred to as key) names for the S3, OpenStack Swift, Atmos, and CAS protocols must conform to the ECS specifications described in this section.

To use a bucket for HDFS, you must not use underscores in the bucket name as they are not supported by the URI Java class. For example, viprfs://my_bucket.ns.site/ is an invalid URI and is thus not understood by Hadoop.

Namespace name

The following rules apply to the naming of ECS namespaces:

  • Cannot be null or an empty string
  • Length range is 1..255 (Unicode char)
  • Valid characters are defined by regex /[a-zA-Z0-9-_]+/. That is, alphanumeric characters and hyphen (-) and underscore (_) special characters.