Log in to the ECS Portal

You must log in to the ECS Portal to set up the initial configuration of a VDC. Log in to the ECS Portal from the browser by specifying the IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of any node, or the load balancer that acts as the front end to ECS. The login procedure is described below.

Before you begin

Logging in to the ECS Portal requires the System Administrator, System Monitor, Lock Administrator (emcsecurity user), or Namespace Administrator role.

When you log in to the ECS Portal for the first time, you log in as the default root user with the System Administrator role.


  1. Type the public IP address of the first node in the system, or the address of the load balancer that is configured as the front-end, in your browser's address bar: https://<node1_public_ip>.
  2. Log in with the default root credentials:
    • User Name: root
    • Password: ChangeMe
    You are prompted to change the password for the root user immediately.
  3. After you change the password at first login, click Save.
    You are logged out and the ECS login screen appears.
  4. Type the User Name and Password.
  5. To log out of the ECS Portal, in the upper-right menu bar, click the arrow beside your user name, and then click logout.

    Figure 1. Logging out of the portal

    ECS logout