Edit a replication group

You can change the name of the replication group or change the set of VDCs and storage pools in the replication group.

Before you begin

This operation requires the System Administrator role in ECS.

About this task

In a multi-site federation, when you edit a replication group and choose to delete a VDC from the replication group(s) to which it belongs, you are permanently removing that VDC from the federation. Permanently removing the VDC from the federation triggers the failover process where objects owned by that VDC (and its storage pool) will be owned by one of the remaining VDCs. In ECS, each object has a primary, or owning VDC. The time taken to complete this failover process depends on the amount of data that must be moved. If you created the replication group with the Replicate to All Sites setting turned on, the time taken to move all data to the remaining sites is short, as a copy exists at all sites.

You cannot edit the Replicate to All Sites or Geo Replication Type settings. After you set these options when you first create the replication group, they cannot be changed.


  1. In the ECS Portal, select Manage > Replication Group.
  2. On the Replication Group Management page, beside the replication group you want to edit, click Edit.
  3. On the Edit Replication Group page,
    • To modify the replication group name, in the Name field, type the new name.
    • To add a VDC to the replication group, click Add VDC and select the VDC and storage pool from the list.
    • To delete a VDC from the replication group, click the Delete button beside the VDC (and its storage pool).
      Deleting a VDC from the replication group(s) to which it belongs means you are removing this VDC permanently from the federation. See #GUID-042D2322-0A4B-474F-826F-E58BC3D6FBA8.
  4. Click Save.