Add an ESRS Server

You can use the ECS Portal to add an ESRS server to an existing VDC.

Before you begin

  • In an ECS geo-federated system, you must add an ESRS server for each VDC in the system.
  • If you already have an ESRS server enabled, you must delete it, then add the new server. You cannot edit an ESRS server in this release.
  • You must review the ESRS prerequisites before performing this procedure in the ECS Portal.
  • This operation requires the System Administrator role in ECS.


  1. In the ECS Portal, select Settings > ESRS > New Server.
  2. On the New ESRS Server page:
    1. In the FQDN/IP field, type the ESRS Gateway FQDN or IP address.
    2. In the PORT field, type the ESRS Gateway port (9443 by default).
    3. In the Username field, type the login user name used to interface with ECS support. This is the same login user name used to log in to
    4. In the Password field, type the password set up with the login user name.
  3. Click Save.
    Server connectivity may take a few minutes to complete. To monitor the process, click the refresh button. Possible states of transition are Processing, Connected, or Failed.
    If you receive an INVALID_CREDENTIALS error message, email with a description of the issue, your account email, VDC serial number, and Activated Site ID.
  4. If ESRS is configured with more than one gateway for high availability, repeat steps 1 to 3 to add additional ESRS gateway servers.