About this VDC

You can view information about software version numbers for the current node or other nodes in the VDC on the About this VDC page.

About this task

You can view information related to the node you are currently connected to on the About tab. You can view the names, IP addresses, rack IDs, and software versions of the nodes available in the VDC on the Nodes tab. You can identify any nodes that are not at the same software version as the node you are connected to on the Nodes tab.


  1. In the ECS Portal, select Settings > About this VDC.
    On the About this VDC page, the About tab displays by default and shows the ECS software version and ECS Object service version for the current node.
  2. On the About this VDC page, to view the software version for the reachable nodes in the cluster, click the Nodes tab.

    About this VDC page
    The green checkmark indicates the current node. A star indicates the nodes that have a different software version.