Event notification servers

You can add SNMPv2 servers, SNMPv3 servers, and Syslog servers to ECS to route SNMP and Syslog event notifications to external systems.

In ECS, you can add the following types of event notification servers:

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) servers, also known as SNMP agents, provide data about network-managed device status and statistics to SNMP Network Management Station clients. For more information, see SNMP servers.
  • Syslog servers provide a method for centralized storage and retrieval of system log messages. ECS supports forwarding of alerts and audit messages to remote syslog servers, and supports operations using the BSD Syslog and Structured Syslog application protocols. For more information, see Syslog servers.

You can add event notification servers from the ECS Portal or by using the ECS Management REST API or CLI.