Welcome to ECS

ECS provides a complete software-defined cloud storage platform that supports the storage, manipulation, and analysis of unstructured data on a massive scale on commodity hardware. ECS can be deployed as a turnkey storage appliance or as a software product that can be installed on a set of qualified commodity servers and disks. ECS offers all the cost advantages of commodity infrastructure with the enterprise reliability, availability, and serviceability of traditional arrays.

The ECS online documentation comprises the following guides:

Administration Guide

The Administration Guide supports the initial configuration of ECS and the provisioning of storage to meet requirements for availability and data replication. In addition, it supports the ongoing management of tenants and users, and the creation and configuration of buckets.

Monitoring Guide
The Monitoring Guide supports the ECS administrator's use of the ECS Portal to monitor the health and performance of ECS and to view its capacity utilization.
Data Access Guide

The Data Access Guide describes the protocols that are supported by ECS for end-user access to ECS object storage. In addition to the S3, EMC Atmos, OpenStack Swift, and Centera (CAS) object APIs, it introduces the ECS Management API, which can be used to perform configuration of ECS prior to end-user access, and details the use of ECS as a Hadoop Filesystem (HDFS) and the integration of ECS HDFS with a Hadoop cluster.

Hardware Guide

The Hardware Guide describes the supported hardware configurations and upgrade paths and details the rack cabling requirements.

PDF versions of these online guides and links to other PDFs, such as the ECS Security Configuration Guide and the ECS Release Notes, are available from support.emc.com.